How do I change the background image?

Tap and hold on the home screen until “Choose Wallpaper from” box appears. Select wallpapers from Gallery images, live wallpapers, and Wallpapers. Additional Wallpapers and Live Wallpapers can be downloaded from the App store.

How do I change the language on my tablet?

Changing the Language – If, for any reason, your android tablet is stuck in a different language changing it back or to the language you need it in is fairly simple. You just need to locate the Settings icon. This icon looks like a blue and gray square equalizer that can be found either on your desktop or in your Apps/Widgets menu (tap on 6 squares in upper right hand corner). From Settings, on the left hand column, you will see an icon that looks like the letter A on a keyboard key (Language and Input). When you tap on that choose the first option on the top of the screen on the right side. At this point you should see a list of all available languages in their respected formats. Tap on your language.

  1. Tap on Settings.
  2. Tap on Language and Input (A)
  3. Tap on Language (top option on right)
How do I change the time and date to automatically sync with my network provider?

Access Settings from the apps page.  Select Date & Time and then check the option for Automatic Time Zone.  As long as you have a data connection (Wi-Fi or data through T-Mobile), your time and date will be set automatically to your time zone.  Additionally, you can change to a 12-hour or 24-hour time format by checking or unchecking Use 24-hour format.

How do I connect to Wi-Fi?

Watch our easy how to video here or read below:

Connecting WIFI – In order to use this device for internet purposes you will need to have it connected to your home or local WIFI connection. In order to connect this device to the WIFI you need to go into your Settings. WIFI should be the first thing selected. Tap on (ON) to activate WIFI. 180To the right locate the name of the router you are connecting to and tap on it. If it requires a password you may need to tap on the blue underline to pull up your keyboard. Once your password is entered tap on Connect. You’ll see messages ranging from Authenticating to Obtaining IP address to Connecting before it says Connected. If you get a message that says Authentication Problem you entered an incorrect password. You will need to tap on the connection, tap on forget, tap on the connection again and enter correct password.

  1. Tap on Settings.
  2. Tap on (ON) next to WIFI on the left hand column.
  3. Tap on your connection on the right.
  4. Enter your password for your WIFI router.
  5. Tap on Connect.
How do I delete an application?

Hold finger on the application you wish to delete and drag it to the uninstall trash can.

How do I find my MAC and IP address?
  1. From the setting menu tap on the Wi-Fi switch
  2. Tap on the menu key, in the top right hand corner
  3. Tap on the Advanced Key
  4. The Tablet’s address will appear
How do I install apps that are not from Google Play store?

Non Market Apps – For any application that you want to install on a Google Play tablet that is not from the Google Play store, ie Amazon app store, you need to turn on your Unknown sources option in your Settings.

  1. Tap on Settings.
  2. Tap on Security on the left hand column.
  3. Tap on Unknown Sources to apply the check.
  4. Tap on OK.
How do I install apps?
  1. Open the Google Play Store icon on your desktop.
  2. Log into your Google account if you have not already done so.
  3. Search for your favorite apps and begin downloading!
How do I secure my Infinity table to the included folio case?
  1. Open the folio case.  With the Infinity tablet on its back, slide it into the two holding slots at the bottom of the case
  2. Pull the straps at the top of the case over the other two exposed corners of the tablet.  The straps are snug fitting by design to keep the tablet securely in place
  3. Alternatively, you can forgo the straps in step 2 and choose to use the sticky pad to secure the tablet instead.  Remove the protective film from the middle of the folio case and place the tablet into the bottom holders as in step 1 to secure the back of the tablet to the sticky pad.  Press down gently on the tablet to ensure good contact with the sticky pad and the back of the tablet
How do I set up an email account on the tablet?

It is very simple. Open the Mail app and follow the on screen instructions. For many standard web mail systems the email app will auto-configure based on your email address. If it does not recognize the email account provider it will ask you for the POP3, IMAP or Exchange server settings for the account on the second screen of the setup wizard. You can get these settings from your email account supplier or from your network administrator.

How do I turn on the auto rotate so my screen changes when I turn my tablet to the side?

Auto Rotate – Auto rotate screen can be accessed two different ways. The first, and easiest, way is to tap on the time in the lower right hand corner. It will pop up your time, battery life, and any connections you have on your device at the moment. Tap on the time again and your auto rotate option will show. You can turn it off or on at this point. The other way you can access this function is through your settings. If you do not see this on the main screen tap on the 6 squares in the upper right hand corner of the screen and choose Settings from the Apps/Widgets menu. From Settings choose Accessibility and add or remove the check from Auto Rotate Screen.

  1. Tap on your time in the lower right hand corner.
  2. Tap on your time again.
  3. Tap on (ON) next to Auto-rotate Screen.
  4. Tap away from your time to close this popup.
How to organize desktop icons into folders?

To organize apps into folders, simply drag one onto another app. This will create a folder, which you can name.

How to set the correct time?
  1. From settings choose Date & Time
  2. If available, set the “Automatic Time Zone” to off.
  3. Adjust the tablet to your current time zone under “Select Time zone”
  4. If you are connected to Wi-Fi the time will sync automatically, if you are not connected to Wi-Fi turn off “Automatic data & time” and adjust the time manually.
I am encountering an error “Cannot Complete Sync Due to Memory Full” when trying to install new apps – how do I fix this?

Your tablet has two storage “partitions” (areas where different types of data is stored).  You can see these partitions by accessing Settings from the Apps page, then selecting Storage.  The top Internal Storage partition (System Storage) is where system Android files and apps are stored.  The bottom Internal Storage partition (User Storage) is where user files such as music, photos, and videos are stored.  Occasionally, the smaller Internal Storage partition becomes full from apps being installed and you may receive the message “Cannot Complete Sync Due to Memory Full” or similar.  If this happens, access the Apps section of Settings  and tap on an app.  To free up space for more new apps to install, you can either uninstall the app, or tap Move to Internal Storage to move the app to the larger Internal Storage partition.

My computer does not recognize my tablet?

When you connect your device to your computer, on the screen of your tablet in the bottom right hand corner next to the time you will see your notifications appear. You will get several notifications when you connect your device tap on USB Connected and then press the button to Turn On USB Storage. Then your device will be recognized and your computer will not ask you for a driver.

My tablet Apps keep closing unexpectedly?

This may occur if you have too many applications running in the background as there is a finite amount of memory resources available. Please press the button to display applications running in the background; then swipe each application not currently needed to close it. If this does not resolve the issue, power off the tablet and then on again, this will reboot the tablet and resolve the issue.

Secondary Keyboard commands
  • Press the Up arrow on the keyboard to shift capitalization and activate secondary “Greyed” keys.
  • Pressing and holding a key will also access additional text options as well as Emoticons
The battery on my device runs down very quickly, what can I do?

The AndroidTM Mobile Technology Platform was conceived such that the device can be woken up from suspend triggered from applications (ex: check emails every 10mn). As a consequence if you have network applications running in the background (that are auto launched at boot) that are network hungry (ex: checking the weather every 2 minutes) this will have an impact on the battery drain. If you are not using the Wi-Fi, shut it off. A screen set to maximum brightest also drains energy from the device. Set your device as well to have its screen go off after 2 minutes or less of non-use. These things will help your battery conserve energy.

What do I do if I forgot my password to unlock to my tablet?

Factory Data Reset – Factory Data Reset can be accessed through your Settings which can be found either on your main screen or in your Apps/Widgets (tap on 6 squares in upper right hand corner) menu. From Settings, on the left hand column, tap on Backup and Reset. On the right hand side tap on Factory Data Reset. This will take you to a screen that will give you the option to check the Erase SD Card option which, when checked, will ensure that your pictures and any other personal information on this device will delete during the reset. Last, tap on Reset Tablet and Erase Everything.

  1. Tap on Settings.
  2. Tap on Backup and Reset on the left hand column.
  3. Tap on Factory Data Reset on right hand side.
  4. Tap on Erase SD Card. (optional)
  5. Tap on Reset Tablet and Erase Everything.


Hard Reset G2 – In the case of password lockouts or freezing, doing a hard reset on your android device could help you get back to the factory defaults. First you need to make sure your tablet is powered off. Hold down on the Volume + button and hold down the Power button at the same time. As soon as the tablet’s screen turns on let go of the Power button but keep the Volume + button held down until you see a large Android in the center of the screen. At this point you will see a screen with boot options. Use the Volume – button to go down to Wipe Data Factory Reset and tap the Power button to select this option. On the next screen use the Volume – button again to go down to Yes and use the Power button to select. At this point it will be going through the wiping and resetting process. When it’s done you will see the first screen you came to when you first started the setup. Just tap the Power button to select Reboot System Now.

  1. Make sure tablet is powered off.
  2. Hold down Volume + button and Power button at same time.
  3. When screen comes on let go of Power button.
  4. When the large Android shows on screen let go of Volume + button.
  5. Use Volume – button to scroll to Wipe Data/ Factory Reset
  6. Tap Power button to select.
  7. Use Volume – button to scroll to Yes.
  8. Tap Power button to select.
  9. Tap Power button to select Reboot System Now.
Where are the drivers for my tablet?

This Android tablet does not require drivers as the software is self-contained. When connecting to your home computer, make sure your operating system’s USB drivers are the most current and up to date. Use the drag and drop method to export and import files. After connecting the device, your tablet will show “USB connected” tap this, and then “Turn ON USB storage”.